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The Toughest, Most Versatile and Flexible Ultrasonic Level and Distance Sensors Available.

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Company Information

Senix Corporation is a high-tech engineering, manufacturing, and sales company nestled in the town of Hinesburg in the scenic foothills of the Green Mountains of Vermont.


Since 1990, Senix has designed, manufactured, sold and supported a wide range of perhaps the most versatile, flexible and rugged ultrasonic distance and level sensors available today. Ultrasonic sensors are used to measure distance to a remote object through the air without touching it. Our sensors are used in a broad array of industrial and scientific applications, including machine and motion controls, web controls (material loop and roll diameter), liquid level measurement, water measurement and control such as in farming and agriculture applications, person/object proximity sensing – virtually anyplace where non-intrusive measurement and feedback are desired.


Senix also is able to provide our AirWire Lora wireless transmitters to allow for wireless monitoring in remote locations, and offer a Cloud-based software solution to monitor level or distance measurements remotely.


Customers Served

We sell to both to end-users, resellers, and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in many industries. Standard ultrasonic sensor products provide solutions for most new or retrofit applications. Senix also will offer custom sensor designs to meet special packaging or design requirements. We also will configure our flexible and versatile ToughSonic sensors into packaged systems for object detection, remote mounting locations for level applications, or for a wide array of system needs.


Service: The Formula for Success

We attribute our success to our commitment to designing, delivering, and supporting quality products. You can depend on Senix for great documentation, customer service, and technical support. We wouldn’t have it any other way!


Water Monitoring

Senix Sensors Monitor Flooding in Virginia

Senix Sensors Monitor Philippines Flooding

Vietnam Waterways Use Senix Ultrasonic Sensors

Ultrasonic Sensors Provide Critical Iowa Flood Warnings

Ultrasonic Sensors Used in Philippines Flood Warning System

Sensors Used to Measure Sea Level Changes for Tsunami Early Warning

Tank Level Monitoring

ToughSonic Sensors Used to Measure Tank Level of Palm Oil

Senix Sensors Ideal for Monitoring Tank Level of Lubricant Oil

Senix CHEM Sensors Ideal for Monitoring Diesel Fuel in Rail Car Tanks

Sensors Used to Measure Tank Levels for Vermont Maple Syrup Production

Senix Sensors used in Provide Iowa Flood Warnings

Agriculture & Farming

Plant Growth Monitored with Senix ToughSonic Sensors

Senix Ultrasonic Sensors Help Drive Large Irrigation Project

ToughSonic Sensors Used in Agricultural Automation Equipment

Ultrasonic Level Sensors Key in Large Australian Irrigation Project

Senix Sensors Help Control Critical Water Flow in Farming Application

Distance Ranging

Senix Sensors Monitor Roll Diameter of Cold Foil

ToughSonic Sensors are Tough Enough for Critical Floating Dry Dock

AirWire Wireless Applications

Senix Sensors and AirWire LoRa Monitors Water Level in Critical Remote Tank

AirWire Wireless and ToughSonic Sensors Track USGS River Data

Hydrofoil & Nautical

Senix Ultrasonic Sensors Used on Tecnico Solar Boat

ToughSonic Sensors Guide TU Delft Solar Boat

Senix Sensors Guide Oracle Racing Boat

Case study


Senix case study | SourceMe

Case study


Senix case study | SourceMe



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