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Our excellence in innovation has allowed us to produce the smallest encoder on the market.

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Netzer Precision Motion Sensors (Israel), produces efficient high accuracy, low profile, hollow shaft geometry, and remarkable low weight and inertia encoders based on its licensed Electric Encoder ™ technology.

An innovative Electric Encoder™ technology, invented and produced by Netzer is used to produce high-end absolute position encoders to be applied in applications from industrial automation, robotics, monitoring, defence to aviation and space. 

Netzer's encoders contain a contactless core with a “hollow shaft” arrangement that maintains the lowest achievable axial space and intensifies reliability.  The most exceptional characteristics that Netzer provides are narrow profile (≤10 mm), insensitivity to EMI/RFI and magnetic fields, zero magnetic signature, low inertia, and low weight.

The design of Netzer encoders allows them to be applied in a wide range of temperatures and harsh external environments. The company offers a large range of standard sizes, interfaces, debug kits, mounting accessories, and specialized encoder explorer software.

Customer satisfaction is a core value at Netzer.  Products can be easily customized to satisfy customer requirements. The accuracy and resolution characteristics of Netzer products are as close as possible to that of optical encoders.

Case study

Digital laparoscopy provides surgeons improved control, comfort, clinical intelligence, and confidence when performing a wide variety of procedures.

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