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Micronor has a 100% success rate in accomplishing projects on time and on budget.

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Micronor Inc. was founded 2003 in Newbury Park, California. The founders accurately predicted the need for fiber optic kinetic sensors which provide immunity from lightning, EMI/RFI, radiation and magnetic fields. Based on an innovative and patented technology, using wavelength as the information carrier, the first product introduced to the market were the incremental encoders. These products are used in the transportation, mining, oil and gas industries for position sensing and controlling the speed of VFD drives. Innovation and a deep technical fiber optics know-how allows Micronor to tackle challenging tasks for position measuring solutions that will work reliably in hostile environments. Micronor has also partnered with numerous companies solving and implementing measurement solutions for nuclear research, medical MRI applications and mining.



Sweden, Solna, Signalistgatan 14, 16972.

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