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Hemomatik AB

Hemomatik is a well-known Swedish company that manufactures various equipment for enterprises, large and small industries. It has been manufacturing, importing, and marketing sensors to the Scandinavian industry since 1973. Among their products, there are all kinds of non-contact sensors, encoders, inductive, ultrasonic, photocells, encoder, position, safety, pressure, flow, temperature, level and much more.

The company has carefully selected suppliers who are original equipment manufacturers, each of them specialists in their sensor types.

In-house manufacturing

For over 40 years Hemomatik has been manufacturing sensors in Sweden. With high flexibility and level of competence together with close cooperation with leading component manufacturers, Hemomatik can offer products of the highest quality at competitive prices. Some of their specialties are manufacturing float level sensors and combined level and temperature sensors, where the company offers great possibilities for customized models.

Thanks to the hard work of a team of engineers, technicians, and software developers, the company manages to produce products that are ahead of demand. That is why its stable customers are industrial companies all over the world, interested in a quality product.

Hemomatik headquarters and large warehouse are located in Länna industrial area, just south of Stockholm.
In Östhammar we have our 800 m² factory and in Espoo (Finland) is our subsidiary, Hemomatik OY

Hemomatik products

The brand specializes in the production of various measuring and control devices for various spheres:

  • ultrasonic transducers;
  • security systems with software solutions;
  • encoders and sensors;
  • gauges;
  • transducers and much more.




Sweden, Solna, Signalistgatan 14, 16972.

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