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At Gurley Precision Instruments, we have taken Optographics from its infancy to the continuously expanding state-of-the-art that we have today. Some of our more standardized Optographic products include: Reticles, Resolution Targets (including USAF & Sayce), Gratings, Step Wedges, Optical Rulers Field Finders, Rapid Comparators, Encoder Discs & Scales, Apertures and Grids.

In addition to our Optographics capabilities, Gurley now offers a wide variety of high quality optical materials, optical components, prototype and sample quality, at quantity and prices that are second to none. GPI has the ability to supply standard, precision and custom designed components that may be fabricated from fused silica, crystal quartz, optical crystals, acrylic and metal. With over 50 years' experience in the optical industry, GPI has the knowledge, dedication and service you need to get the job done.

Our designers and technicians are the best in the world at what they do. Our quality, on-time delivery, and customer support records are unparalleled in the markets that we compete - making Gurley a trusted partner with OEMs worldwide. 

For example, GPI has always carried a conservative, long-term view on general business and the relationships that exist with our customers and partners worldwide. We have no debt (never have) and strive to keep pricing consistent year-in and year-out. In short, other than being owned outright by our clients - GPI could not be a better partner for your business.



Sweden, Nacka Strand, Fabrikörvägen 10, 13152

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