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We are continuously improving performance to provide good quality, error-free products at reasonable prices.

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Established in 2000, Fenac Engineering (Turkey) is a young and progressive company with a focus in the field of Automation Control. The combination of high-level technology and qualified personnel allows the company to meet any modern requirement starting from low-level applications and up to the highest level of automation systems.

The company's principal policy is a promotion of the industrial growth of Turkey. In this way, Fenac actively participates in the local scientific and industrial events, and supports engineering educational projects.

Today, Fenac offers an extensive selection of measuring insraments, including:

  • Incremental and absolute rotary encoders

  • Absolute analog rotary encoders

  • Linear encoders

  • Hand encoders

  • Programmable rotary encoders

  • Heavy-duty rotary encoders

  • Absolute bus cover encoders

  • Motor feedback rotary encoders

  • Draw wire sensors

  • Rotary potentiometers

In addition, to this extensive industrial product range, the company also provides textile solutions and accessories, door detectors, and sensors. 

Fenac is working hard on meeting customers expectations by continuously producing quality, lower cost, and error-free components.

The company pays special attention to occupational health, safety, and environmental protection. The ultimate goal is to provide a safe, healthy work and living environment for its employees and society.





Sweden, Nacka Strand, Fabrikörvägen 10, 13152

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