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Leader in developing and manufacturing position control sensors, since 1985.

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Eltra operates in the market of sensors for automated systems since 1985. During these 30 years the Company has constantly grown, increasing its technology offer (over 5.000 product codes and an average of 120.000 articles manufactured each year) while maintaining the flexibility and the capability to design and manufacture customized products according to the Customer specific needs, features that have always distinguished the brand Eltra.

The company offers an extensive range of catalog products (incremental and absolute rotary encoders, explosion-proof models, rope and magnetic encoders; linear and optical incremental systems working also with field-bus interfaces, several accessories etc.), as well as a service of Project & Development of models upon Client’s requirement.

Along its 30 years of activity, there have been many changes within (and outside) Eltra. The Company has however kept focused on the same purpose in the course of time: developing and manufacturing more and more innovative encoders, designed to meet the Client’s needs in terms of efficiency and quality, as well as of costs.

Eltra is aware that to reach this goal is essential to invest in the know-how and expertise of its human resources, the real heritage of the Company, thanks to whom the firm has kept on growing and improving for three decades by now.



Sweden, Solna, Signalistgatan 14, 16972.

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