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The Optical Encoder Solution.

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Codechamp offers a wide range of rotary optical encoders - incremental, absolute single turn and multiturn; miniaturized or large diameters encoders, solid or hollow shaft encoders, encoders with bearings or pancake encoders.

All company's encoders are mechanically adapted to the requirements of various applications mainly in the following fields of activity: defence, industry, civil nuclear and space.

The performance of our engineering and design department relies on the abilities of a specialised team whose principles are: technical reactivity, continuous innovation, flexibility and the formulation of competitive solutions. Due to the flexibility of our organisation, CODECHAMP is offering customers a close partnership in order to provide the best technical and cost-effective solutions. Investments in the production equipment and human resources are optimized to ensure the highest standards of Quality Control.



Sweden, Solna, Signalistgatan 14, 16972.

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