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Celera Motion

Derived from the Latin word “celer” for quick and swift, the name Celera reflects our commitment to delivering motion control solutions that accelerate our customers’ ability to deliver innovative solutions to their markets. Celera Motion’s cohesive vision, superior technologies, consultative team approach and best-in-class reliability make us the trusted partner in solving your most challenging motion control problems.

Celera Motion’s precision component and subsystem solutions solve application-specific challenges for technology-driven original equipment manufacturers from a range of markets.

Designed using state-of-the-art technologies and offered with feature sets targeted to solve the most demanding applications, our product lines optimize performance.

We know that no two motion control challenges are alike. We develop each mechatronic solution with the latest advanced technologies for your project’s specific application requirements. Using miniature precision encoders and direct drive motors, we push the boundaries to deliver unparalleled results.



Sweden, Nacka Strand, Fabrikörvägen 10, 13152

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