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In 1952 Herbert Baumer founded Baumer as an owner-run company in Switzerland where the first production of the 500 series mechanically operated electrical switches dedicated for monitoring and controlling electrically controlled production well forth. Since its very beginnings, the company has shown a strong focus on innovation and development becoming an international group very rapidly. Namely, already by 1960, Baumer was the first to produce one of the very first program control series and by 1966 the instrument and control switches were launched paving the way for the company’s global success. Moreover, the encoders for the airbus industry developed in 1987 represent another important achievement in the company’s history considering that this creates the groundwork for modern quality operations. The product range the company possesses attracts customers from different industries, businesses of different sizes be it a local or global level. Today, the company offers products in the following areas:

·       Object detection

·       Distance measurement

·       Smart vision sensors

·       Industrial cameras/ image processing

·       Identification

·       Rotary encoders/ angle sensors

·       Inclination/ acceleration sensors

·       Process sensors

·       Force sensors/ strain sensors

·       Format adjustment

·       Counters/ displays

·       Cable/ connectivity

·       Accessories

In the time being, Baumer has over 2500 employees globally, operating in 19 countries in 39 subsidiaries. Besides focusing on cooperativeness with both its business partners and customers as well as on product/ service accuracy, including its global brand awareness and the wide range of products, Baumer also maintains established policies, processes, and procedures in accordance with ISO 9001 standards.





Sweden, Nacka Strand, Fabrikörvägen 10, 13152

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