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Balluff is a medium-sized company - it has been led by the family for four generations, was founded in Neuhausen auf den Fildern near Stuttgart and has grown into a leading global player open to the outside world. A company with tradition and long customer relationships - which is also an important innovation partner and pioneer for its customers.

Our company opened up very early to the international market. In the early 80's, Balluff was the first and for a long time also the only donor manufacturer with its own production in Brazil. And today, Balluff is established not only in Neuhausen but also in Europe, Asia, North and South America and in all other important markets - in 68 countries around the world. In this way, we can better understand our customers and nurture the customer relationship. And we can deliver exactly what they need: premium sensor, identification and networking solutions, as well as software for global system solutions, for all areas of automation.

When it comes to quality, Balluff has his own ideas. We call it Balluff quality. A high standard that goes beyond current standards and that we deliver not only in the products but also in advice and service.

Our customers also feel our special commitment with which we work for them. A commitment to meet their needs, meet their challenges and develop future-oriented technology. Because we know that when our customers are equipped for the future in the best way, we are too. That is why "innovating automation" is also our motto.



Sweden, Nacka Strand, Fabrikörvägen 10, 13152

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