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Thermal imaging imager vIRalert 2

Instant non-intrusive measurement using infrared thermal imaging technology with market-lead temperature measurement accuracy.  Monitors for high temperature without slowing down the flow of people.  Fixed remote measurement removes the risk of infection transmission to operators.  Complete Online System Solution works out of the box and is simple to operate.  Quick and easy to install and re-locate as required with standard camera fitting for flexible mounting options.


In a world where global travel means infections can pass through populations fast, the ability to screen people for fever is a key tool in reducing the risk of disease spread. The vIRalert 2 fixed temperature monitoring system provides the remote measurement of human body temperature (typically the face) to an accuracy of within 0.5°C enabling the detection of the small temperature changes induced by a fever. 

Most economical thermal imagers can only achieve accuracy to within 2°C which is not adequate to detect a fever however by calibrating an imager in real-time against a precise blackbody calibration source the vIRalert 2 system can provide accurate and reliable skin temperature measurement for the screening of personnel at the point of entry to areas like airports, train stations, key operational facilities and factories and other places where infectious diseases can easily spread. 

Using simple and intuitive software, this point-of-entry system provides automatic on-screen and audible alarms to alert the operator so that early action can be taken to protect the premises against the risk of spreading the infection. 


Attribute NameAttribute Value
Documentation from Manufacturer
Not specified
Special Requirements
High Temperature Environment
Output Signal Type
Not specified
Thermal Imaging
Resolution (px)
80 x 64
Frame/Line/Measuring/Response Rate/Frequency (Hz)
Weight (g)
Not specified
Imager type
Not specified
Spectral Range (um)
Measurement Range (°C)



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