Picture of Spark optical emission camera UC90

Spark optical emission camera UC90

High-performance 9-megapixel CCD 1-inch high-definition CCD sensor Integrated automatic white balance (AWB)


The 9-megapixel UC90 camera captures it all: brightfield images of superior quality, basic fluorescence applications, and up to 4K UHD acquisition.

See all the details and not the noise with OSIA, the exclusive Olympus noise reduction technology. The 1-inch high-definition CCD sensor of the UC90 covers almost the full C-mount image area. This translates into an unparalleled large field of view, which allows you to capture more of your sample with every single shot while exploiting the full resolution of your objectives.

Equipped with a high-performance 9-megapixel CCD the UC90 captures vivid images with high resolution and exceptional clarity.

Award-winning color reproduction technology working in real-time and advanced integrated raw data shading correction offer additional benefits to get every detail out of the images. Unwanted color casts are automatically removed during live image acquisition via the integrated automatic white balance (AWB). The results are images with always perfectly balanced colors.



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