Incremental linear encoder I Optical I Reinshaw I RTLC40

Incremental linear encoder | Optical | RTLC40

  • Operating rideheight tolerance ±0.3 mm
  • Digital output
  • Readhead size: 35 x 13.5 x 10 mm
  • Resolutions to 50 nm
  • Speed up to 24 m/s
  • Excellent dirt immunity
  • Optical IN‑TRAC™ reference mark
  • Dual limits


RTLC40 is a low profile stainless steel tape scale featuring 40 µm pitch incremental graduations and IN-TRAC customer selectable reference marks. There are two levels of accuracy - standard with ±15 µm/m and high accuracy with ±5 µm/m. Both can be supplied in lengths up to 10 metres (greater than 10 metres on request). Two mounting options are available, both of which allow independent thermal expansion and tape scale convenience.

  • RTLC40 can be used with the revolutionary FASTRACK™ scale carrier system. This system allows a track to be laid quickly and easily with no need for fixing holes. A sacrificial spacer is removed and the tape scale is then fed into the track.
  • RTLC40-S is laid onto the substrate with self-adhesive backing tape. The self-adhesive is formulated in such a way that it allows scale expansion independent of the substrate.

To complete the installation, both types of scale are clamped at one point to provide a datum position.

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Documentation from Manufacturer
Measuring length (mm)
20, 10000
Resolution (µm)
10, 0.05
Speed (m/sec)
Output Signal Type
Measuring Principle
Not specified
Protection Rating
Special Requirements
Dirt Immunity
Accuracy (µm/m)
±5, ±15



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