Picture of Draw-wire displacement sensor LINARIX

Draw-wire displacement sensor LINARIX

  • economical
  • rugged
Posital Fraba


Many applications require linear motion to be monitored for system control or to ensure safety. LINARIX draw wire sensors are available in many configurations to meet an application’s requirements. Options include a wide variety of outputs (including analog, fieldbus and Ethernet variants), heavy duty housings and compact designs.

Plastic Housings

Unbeatable economic pricing in large quantities and a small footprint makes this tough draw wire encoders the preferred OEM customer selection. Well engineered mechanics in combination with POSITAL’s fully digital rotary encoders means these draw wires do not loose accuracy even after one million strokes. Available in 1.25m [49.2 in] and 2.1 m [82.67 in] measuring lengths.



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