Analog Distance Sensor | Migatron | RPS-426A

Analog Measurement Sensor | Ultrasonic | RPS-426A

  • Adjustable Zero & Span
  • Various Sensing Ranges
  • Narrow Sensing Beam
  • LED Strength Indicator
  • Short Circuit Protected
  • Reverse Polarity Protected
  • Analog Current & Voltage Outputs
  • Inverted & Non-Inverted Outputs
  • Self Contained Barrel Housing
  • Input Voltage 20 – 30 VDC


The RPS-426A analog ultrasonic sensor is mounted in a barrel housing and is completely self contained. It is powered by 20 – 30VDC and is reverse polarity protected. It also has a narrow beam angle which enables it to get into tight places. A flat target can tilt up to 8 degrees and still be detected. The RPS-426A has 2 short circuit protected analog outputs, 4 – 20mA and 0 – 10 VDC. These outputs can easily be inverted and can be scaled over almost any range by means of adjusting the zero control (P1) & span control (P2).

For setup purposes a LED strength indicator is provided. This LED is Green when not detecting and fades to Red as a target moves into place, depending on how much reflected signal is coming back from the target. The RPS-426A has an 8 – 80″ range and operates at a frequency of 150kHz. The RPS-426A barrel is constructed of Stainless Steel. The barrel measures 30mm x 104mm. A standard 6′ cable is provided, or a quick disconnect (QD) version is also available.

Attribute NameAttribute Value
Documentation from Manufacturer
Not specified
Resolution (µm)
Not specified
Frame/Line/Measuring Rate/Frequency (Hz)
Output Signal Type
Analog Voltage, Analog Current
Not specified
Measurement Range (m)
Protection Rating Housing
Not specified
Special Requirements
Resistance to Short Circuit & Reverse Polarity
Weight (g)
340.194 g
Housing Material
Stainless steel



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