Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find the most common questions we get to answer every day, if you don´t find what you are looking for, please go to Contact Us and let us know!

For Vendors

It's Super Simple! Simply create an account here on the site and choose to register as a Vendor. After that you will be asked to fill out some details about your company so that we can verify that its a trustworthy source of industria components. After we have accepted your request its simply a question about sitting down and adding your products!

After you have created an account, you will be able to upload products, create your store and integrate logistics. After that it's pretty much an automated process. When someone chooses one of your products you will be notified by email. Then simply visit your dashboard here on and you can complete the order and deliver!

For Procurement Professionals

It's the easiest thing ever! Simply create an account up top on the website and start comparing and choosing between some of the best components on the market! When you place your first quote request or try to make your first purchase, we will verify that your a legitimate buyer, after that you're ready for the future of component sourcing!

All our vendors have to go through a detailed process of being evaluated. Thanks to this detailed and though process, all the vendors on will only deliver the best through the safest means possible online.

General Information

We love to have a good chat with everyone! Just visit the contact us page down below and you can choose your favourite way to get in touch directly! If we can't respond we will be with you within 24 hours 🙂

The buyer and the Vendor is always mainly responsible. However, SourceMe is here to make it work, so we will support in any potential problems and we will also be managing the funds of the order until both parties have confimred that they are plaesed with the order made.