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Meet SourceMe

Are you an engineer or a procurement professional in need of sourcing industrial components from trusted suppliers? Do you think that the search for reliable mechanical parts should be faster and more efficient?

SourceMe is the solution to your problems: a new, growing platform where you can quickly identify and compare hundreds of components, find the best solution to your necessity and directly connect with one of our approved manufacturers.

Born in the heart of Stockholm within the Antler accelerator program, SourceMe is a vertical marketplace with the mission to revolutionize and update the current industry situation for sourcing and selling technical components.

For a field that is based on new technologies, we believe that the way essential parts such as rotary encoders are sourced is nowadays outdated and not responding to the industry’s requirements. Thanks to SourceMe, professionals in the machine-building sector would stop relying solely on local distributors or hundreds of different suppliers’ websites; but they will have access to a complete data system and a dedicated online customer service.

sourceme mission

So, how does SourceMe work?

It is very simple.

  1. Firstly, you can select the category of products that interests you; the current selection is between rotary encoders, linear encoders, and distance sensors. Encoders are motion sensors used in all types of robotic elements; they read the electrical signal of a mechanical movement and send it to a control device system that makes everything work as it should. You can read more in our complete guide on how to buy encoders on our website here. Distance sensors instead determine the proximity of another object, before a real physical contact should actually happen. We also have an extra category for deadstock, where you will find listed optical glass gratings, coordinate measuring machines, connectors, and more. Those items are no longer in production, but few pieces remain still available to buy.
  2. Once you are in your chosen category, you can filter the different products based on many requirements; such as accuracy, type, interface, series, etc. We know how every detail can contribute to the success of your machines and we have inserted multiple criteria for this specific reason.
  3. After finding the product that works best for your project; you can quickly request a quote from the manufacturer and proceed to place an order with them through SourceMe.

Do you have a preferred manufacturer, maybe a particular dealer that you already trust?

You can filter our products by the producer; or check all the brands yourself at the voice “suppliers”, where you will find a comprehensive list of all the high-quality producers that we have grouped and meticulously screened for our clients.

We have at this moment 45 listed suppliers in SourceMe, four of them with a prominent product presence: Photonis, Acumo AB, Precizika Metrology, and Fenac Engineering. When you have found what you are looking for, you can easily request a quote through SourceMe’s system and you will be put directly in contact via a live chat with your selected supplier. The live chat will allow our clients to have a more quick reply from the companies compared to email; you will have all the answers you seek without a long waiting time.

sourceme top suppliers

Why do not check what else the industry market has to offer?

It is great if you already have a manufacturer in mind; but what about checking what else the building-machine market has to offer? Within our system search, you can easily find similar products from other suppliers and compare their parameters. Once you have found a few products that are relevant to your research, simply click on the “compare” symbol under each object and click on “compare components” at the top of your search page. The items will be displayed next to each other with their parameters and supplier details, so you can evaluate all their criteria with very simple steps. You can then quickly request quotes for more than one product in a matter of minutes, all within SourceMe.

If it is fantastic to source and work with high-quality products from a company you can rely on, imagine having more than one trusted supplier all easily reachable through the same platform.

How do companies get screened before being accepted at SourceMe?

We have a rigorous screening process for our approved manufacturers; first, we collect all information and business performances, including quality control; secondly, we evaluate third-party data feeds and we check our research against defined parameters of acceptance. We also control with the supplier itself that all the data in our possession is correct and up to date.

Only after having analyzed all the resulted data in a third step and having it found satisfactory, the supplier can be considered accepted in the SourceMe’s platform.

vetting process Sourceme

And our vetting process does not stop there, but we continue to constantly monitor our approved companies' updates and developments at all times.

Feel free to explore all SourceMe functionalities or contact our customer support to know more about the services we can offer to you and to your business!


Article by Eleonora Cugurullo

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