5 Top Best Swedish Companies In The Industrial Manufacturing World


Sweden's Strong Industrial Sector And Its Strenght  


As a Stockholm-based start-up, we are really proud to be part of a fantastic environment of Industrial companies such as the one in Sweden, where industries are top-notch for their achievements and products. 

As said by Mikael Damberg, Swedish Minister for Enterprise and Innovation (2014-2019): “Sweden is a strong industrial nation, where the industrial sector, including the industrial services sector, is creating close to one million jobs and it is accounting for the major proportion of our exports. But the significance of the industrial sector to Sweden goes beyond the number of jobs and the size of the export income.” (From Smart industry– a strategy for new industrialization for Sweden, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, Elanders, Article no N2016.06) 

According to Damberg, the strength of Swedish Industries lies in their abilities to innovate, something that should play a fundamental role in the digitalization of the Industry 4.0 as we know it, together with other challenges such as sustainability and climate change. 

Just to give you some numbers, the industrial sector and all related companies are responsible for a fifth of Sweden’s gross domestic product (GDP) and are present in all the geographical territory from North to South. The industrial sector and connected services together account for 77 percent of the total value of Swedish exports, which is equivalent to almost half of total GDP. 

At SourceMe, we really believe in the strong Swedish heritage of industrial manufacturing, and we do hope to play an important role in the famous digitalisation that is currently so sought after with all the changes brought by the  Covid 19 era. 

Therefore, in this article, we would like to highlight 5 of the top best companies in Sweden in the field of industrial components and machine manufacturing. We are also extremely excited and humbled to welcome a few of them at SourceMe, our industrial marketplaces where procurement engineers and manufacturers can connect and do business together! 

The companies we are going to speak about in this article are ABB measurement & analytics, Hemomatik AB, Emeta Encoders AB, Baumer A/S, and Micro-Epsilon Sensotest AB. 


ABB measurement & analytics

As a global leading company in the technological sector, ABB has the purpose to achieve a more productive and sustainable future for our society. ABB was created in 1988 by the merging of Swiss company BBC and Swedish company ASEA. Founded around 130 years ago in Västerås, ASEA can be truly considered one of the pioneers of the industrial manufacturing in Sweden. Within their biggest achievements; they built the first nuclear power plant in Sweden, and 12 more after that; they launched one of the first-ever industrial robot in 1972; and they installed the world’s first HVDC transmission line, providing 20 MW, 100 kV to the Isle of Gotland over a distance of 96 km. Their heritage lives in ABB, which keeps innovating the industrial sectors till today. 

The company operates in four interconnected sectors, all of them extremely interesting and important: Electrification, Process Automation, Motion, and Robotic & Discrete Automation. 

Regarding their Electrification portfolio, the company offers a variety of services related to infrastructure, solar inverters, distribution automation, power protection, sensing, and control just to name a few. They are involved in both services and products. Their aim is to work toward a more sustainable future, with an eye to smart cities in which surely electric transportation would play a key role. 

Their Process and automation business revolves around products and services for industry-specific integrated automation, electrification and digital solutions, control technologies, software and advanced services. They also take care of measurement & analytics, a fundamental part of evaluating results in automation processes. 

Last but not least; their Motion business is globally the largest in the world (offering a complete range of electrical motors, generators, drives, and more); while in Robotic & Discrete Automation their smart solutions and love for AI come together to provide robotics, machine and factory automation.



Hemomatik AB

We have just spoken about a global leading company that has origins in Sweden, but what about other local realities? 

We would like to introduce Hemomatik, a 100% Swedish supplier company that has taken care of the sensors market since 1973. Based in Skogås, south of Stockholm, they are the largest warehouse of industrial components made in Sweden. Their products are available globally and they cooperate with other leading original manufacturers that have been carefully selected through the years. Hemomatik has chosen to specialize only in sensors, and for this reason, they have a high level of competence in that area. 

They supply and deal with the production of all types of sensors: inductive, ultrasonic, photocells, encoder, position, safety, pressure, flow, temperature, level and much more.  

Their 40 years of knowledge and experience in producing sensors made in Sweden mean that they can offer products that have the highest quality, and they do so by keeping competitive prices.  One of Hemomatik's specialty is the manufacture of float level monitors and combined level and temperature sensors, where they can even offer customized models.

We are really glad to share that you can find Hemomatiks products in SourceMe at the following Link


Emeta Encoders AB

The opening line of Emeta Encoders’ websites says: Proud to say “MADE IN SWEDEN ''. Can there be a better introduction to this Swedish company, specialized in the production of encoders? 

EMETA Encoders AB was founded in 1992 by Ulf Hedlund, who together with his family is the company’s major shareholder. Their field of expertise is manufacturing robust and sturdy encoders with a long-lifespan. This is reflected in their company values: reliable, robust and a respectful attitude toward one another. They aim to build long and trustful relationships with all their business partners. 

Their products are of various types: incremental encoders for velocity measurement or motion control applications, and absolute encoders primarily used for positioning applications. Their modern manufacturing is situated in Strängnäs, Sweden, where a selected team produces not only the previously mentioned encoders, but even custom-made solutions. During 2018 their revenue exceeded 20 MSEK, 40% of which was exported outside Scandinavia.

Most of Emeta products are sold to global leading OEM-customers and machine builders active in various industrial fields. 




Baumer A/S

Located in Huskvarna, Northern Sweden, Baumer A/S is a subsidiary of the international company Baumer.  With a strong worldwide presence, Baumer is renowned for its pioneering ideas and wish for innovation and research. Their production involves sensor technology, encoders, measuring instruments and components for automated image processing.

As said from their website: “Partnership, precision and a pioneering spirit” are the values that form the foundation of Baumer’s corporate culture and guide their actions. And that’s what makes it so exciting to have a Baumer subsidiary here in Sweden, a country with already a strong heritage and knowledge in industrial production.

To know a bit more about Baumer, the company was founded as an owner-run company in 1952 by Herbert Baumer, a graduate engineer from ETH university in Zürich. The first-ever production was of 500 series micro-switches for monitoring and controlling electrically controlled production flows. From that, Baumer Electric started its transformation, particularly in 1969 with the production of the first inductive proximity switch (the term sensor was not used then), which marked the transition from mechanical to electronic systems. From there, Baumer rapidly expanded to the East in Japan and 1980 in Europe, where it has multiple locations nowadays including our own Swedish one. 

The success story of the Baumer Group is characterized by innovations. Their hardware and software engineers are currently particularly interested in increased miniaturization, precision as well as the measuring speed and ruggedness of the sensors. These are the elements that make Baumer’s sensors so valuable and renowned. 

Moreover, their research departments are part of a strong international network that operates in close contact with the best universities and engineers in the world, keeping their leadership in technological advancement strong and in constant evolution. 



Micro-Epsilon Sensotest AB

To conclude our list, let us introduce Micro-Epsilon Sensotest AB, a Swedish company specialized in testing and measurement. Founded as Sensotest in 1996 just a little north of Stockholm, more precisely in Järfälla, the company started marketing Micro-Epsilon's program of sensors in 2006. In 2011 they were acquired and became exclusive agents for Micro-Epsilon. 

Their major strength and focus lie on sensors/IR camera systems. Their market revolves around leading sensor manufacturers for measuring IR temperature, position, distance, dimension, surface structures, force and pressure. In addition, they also deal with infrared-measuring thermal imaging cameras and camera systems; these constitute another large and important part of Micro-Epsilon Sensotest business. They can deliver complete systems for fire monitoring of garbage bunkers, jacket temperature measurement of MESA furnaces and more.

When the company first started, IR temperature sensors (IR thermometers) and pressure sensors were the cornerstones of their business. Just a couple of years later they became the Swedish general agent for NEC's thermal camera division, a very important achievement.

Micro-Epsilon in its totality is a strong and international industrial company, which focuses on research and innovation toward a more sustainable future. Their goal is to provide more and more precision in their sensors and components while facing new challenges such as miniaturization and high performance. 



The Future Of The Swedish Industrial Market

We hope that our articles about some of the best industrial companies in Sweden have inspired you regarding Swedish history and industrial heritage.  At SourceMe we firmly believe that the role of Sweden regarding Industry 4.0 has not finished yet, and that is why we hope to play a key role in the digitalization of industrial services with our marketplace. Contact us today to join SourceMe and be part of the digital industrial innovation!


Article by Eleonora Cugurullo

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