Achievements we are proud of - SourceMe in 2020

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This was a little crazy year not only for SourceMe but for humanity in general. Because of COVID, some businesses were suddenly dying while others rapidly growing. In this time of chaos and unpredictability, SourceMe was born.

Let’s highlight the main milestones of 2020 for SourceMe:

  • SourceMe started as, operating as a service for industrial components search, April 2020. The initial service offered manufacturer profile, product listing, filters for product search, comparison feature to compare products.
  • Manufacturer filtering option and contacting suppliers, May 2020.
  • First partnerships with Suppliers: June 2020
  • Switch from prototype to MVP phase: the decision was taken to redesign the platform, core frontend technology was updated.
  • was launched, June 2020
  • Supplier storefront - a brand new design and opportunities to add much more data & Product categories section was added to the landing page, August 2020
  • SourceMe team reaches 12 people, August 2020
  • Deadstock was introduced on SourceMe, September 2020
  • Platform-wide search introduced - September 2020
  • SourceMe started its Knowledge base for industry-related articles, October 2020
  • Distributors were introduced on the platform in the “Where to buy” section, November 2020
  • Online support chat was introduced, December 2020

Each step made us closer to the B2B marketplace for the industrial components. SourceMe team was working hard and passionately to improve the process of sourcing components between machine building companies and their suppliers. We listened to your feedback and improved all the time: shifted our monetization strategy to better serve our customers’ needs, introduced distributors on the platform made a few key partnerships, etc.

Looking back on the year’s results we’d like to send you our warmest wishes for the Holiday Season and a happy and prosperous New Year 2021. Let it bring us a little less challenges than 2020. 

Have a happy and blessed New Year!

Sincerely, SourceMe team

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