SourceMe February 2021 Releases: Manage MySourceMe Area

What are these new features and how do they work?

Our team is happy to present new exciting updates that will enrich the SourceMe platform and its customer experience. On the top right of the page, you will now find a SignIn Icon where our users can register, login and access to their private area “Manage MySourceMe”.

Useful Features For Our Machine Builders Customers

Once logged in into their Manage MySourceMe area, our customers will find all their conversations and RFQs, accessible through a practical messenger system. Compared to the previous website versions, the communication between clients and manufacturers happens through chat messages on our own website; a more immediate approach instead of emails. We believe that this will make it easier for both parties to speed up the conversation, compared to a longer back and forth emailing.

How Does The Manage Area Works For Our Manufacturers 

  1. Manage MySourceMe. After LogIn, our approved companies will now have access to their own Manage MySourceMe private area. 

“The functionalities offered in the companies’ area are more compared to the page for our private customers and in constant development. We are always happy to update our platform based on the feedback we receive daily.”

  1.  RFQ’S. Manufacturers will of course have the chat messenger systems and be able to reply to RFQs from clients there in real time

  2.  Product manager interface. With this feature, our approved suppliers can update their own products and all the details related to those. Through our intuitive products manager, it will be possible to add and modify pictures, stock quantities, descriptions and more. 


More Useful Features To Come Soon!

In one of the next planned updates, the private companies’ Manage My SourceMe will be expanded with the Company Page Manager; a feature that will allow our suppliers to modify the information related to their company, keeping their clients always updated with all their latest news. We are always open to receiving proposals for new features from our customers: feel welcome to write to us with your feedback and suggestions. 

Login now to explore all the new SourceMe functionalities or contact our customer service to be registered in our official supplier's list!


Article by Eleonora Cugurullo



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