Source With SourceMe: Our New Smart PlugIn

Can we smooth out the order process in the manufacturer industry?


If you are an engineer or a procurement professional in the world of industrial components, you are probably familiar with the problems related to inquiries for quotes and product components.

We at SourceMe have experienced first hand some of the most common issues, just to name a few:

  • Endless back and forth emailing with clients, just to simply clarify on both sides the products code and specs. Sometimes all of this effort ends up in no order at all, resulting in the feeling you might have spent these hours in more productive tasks;

  • Complicated pricing rules that are often difficult to explain and/or calculate;

  • Possible scams and price requests from competitors who live in foreign countries;

  • Small order inquiries that should get directed to the local dealer, but more often get lost in the process, resulting in a loss of prospective clients.

If any of these sounds relevant to you, it might have come to your attention that a simple solution would be to implement a smart inquiry system within the company website. But how costly and time-consuming would it be for each manufacturer to come up with its own new system? 

We can tell you that most companies don’t have the time and the IT support needed to deal with such improvements: there is why we thought of Source With SourceMe. Read more about our plugIn and how you can benefit from it!

What is Source With SourceMe And How Does It Work?

Source With SourceMe is our new smart plugIn, currently in a development phase, that gets simply integrated in your existing industrial components’ website.  

To use it, you only need to:

  1. Install the PlugIn provided by our tech team;

  2. Place a button “Source With SourceMe” under the products;

  3. Configure the system according to product specifications (there are few options available to do this, we’ll talk about it later).

Once the PlugIn is set up and functioning, your clients would click on the button Source With SourceMe under each product and have access to a box similar to the following image.



From there, customers need only to fill the form in, choosing their own customizations. What happens next? 

You decide! In general, clients will get a message back directly to their inbox, but what kind of answer they receive can be customized to your specific needs. 

Let’s look more closely at how the client’s request can be analyzed by our PlugIn. The client sends his message, which gets examined by SourceMe engine according to parameters such as order quantity, location, buyer’s company and product configuration. A spam detector is also in place to alert you if the content of the request is somehow dubious. 




Then, depending on your preferences, we have few options for you:

  1. The quote request gets redirected to a local distributor;

  2. It gets sent to your sales team, but already with all codes and data they need to swiftly reply;

  3. A preliminary price gets calculated by SourceMe engine and sent back directly to the customer;

  4. An automated reply of your choice get sent to the client’s inbox;

  5. In case of phishing and spam, it gets immediately reported to you upon receiving the request.


How Can You Configure Products Codes By Using Source With SourceMe?

One of the biggest complexities in placing an order for industrial components lies in the correct product code for each element. The code is a string of letters and numbers which represents the functionalities and specifications for said product: they are therefore fundamental for placing a correct order. 

Nowadays clients and sales teams have to write the correct code by looking at long and often confusing datasheets, in which they found specs that look roughly like this:



With our PlugIn, this information can be fed once and for all into the SourceMe engine in order to appear in the inquiry form for each product. 

The datasheet information can be inserted manually in our product code generator, a smart software that can be easily adapted to each industrial product. We are also taking into account that certain parameters have a dependency factor on, and it is something we are studying in this first development phase. 



Using the product code configurator is very easy and it takes roughly 10 minutes to set up each product and, most importantly: you only need to do this once. However, if you prefer that all the product codes get configured with SourceMe engine, we have different package plans that include this service also. 

Source With SourceMe Different Package Plans 

Right now we have three package plans in development, thought to accommodate different needs for different companies. At this moment the packages are all available at an early adopter pricing.

The plans are Basic, Advanced and Enterprise and they include:

  1. Basic: Source With SourceMe plugIn, manual configuration of product codes;

  2. Advanced: All the above plus automated product codes configuration from your datasheet; 

  3. Enterprise: All the above plus ERP systems integration custom made by our Tech Team for your company. 

Does this sound interesting? Contact us to know more about our plans and Source With SourceMe!


What Are The Benefits Of Using Source With SourceMe?


In conclusion, what are the benefits of using Source With SourceMe? There are many advantages in using our PlugIn and they all come back to work in a more effective way and save time and resources. 

The following are the most eloquent benefits from installing Source With SourceMe:

  1.  Customers can make product specifications directly in the order form, delivering a clear and easy-to-elaborate request to your sales team or representative;

  2. Reduced back and forth communication, saving time and efforts;

  3. Automatically forward inquiries to local distributors based on buyer’s location, orders that occasionally gets lost when contacting the main supplier’s website;

  4. A possibility to automatically show price, if the client specified all needed parameters.

We are looking forward to talking more with you about Source With SourceMe: contact our customer sales team and tech departments today



Article by Eleonora Cugurullo




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